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EYUD Clothing by Courtnee Roze 


About EYUD

Never forget to Embrace Your Unique Differences 

The product EYUD -will take the world into a series of innovative fashion, creativity and ideas.

Seeing a world of differences, inspired me to create a fashion line of differences.  

EYUD captures the true essence of what it is to be 

“different” from the rest of the world 

and how to embrace it boldly. The brand also helps the world of unique individuals focus on developing their own gifts, looks, talents and confidence. EYUD embraces a diverse and judgment free zone.

EYUD clothing was created to spark and rewire the imagination of the world through art, music and fashion. The garments allow the world to take a glimpse into a musicians imagination. 

EYUD -provides an international platform for the wider understanding of new fashion forms emerging. 

The garments are also inspired by my musical composition written and performed across the world. 

One song especially,  “Cut From A Different Cloth,” is the song that sets the overall tone for the (EYUD) brand.

“If clothing were instruments this is how they would look and sound”- Courtnee Roze