Courtnee Roze- The Musical’s founder, facilitator, composer, producer, lead vocalist and percussionist. Since the age of 7 Roze had been studying and playing percussion. Her instruments of choice are Djembe and Congas. The Musical is an international based visual that documents the journey and life of Courtnee Roze. The visual highlights detailed experiences of her life and music career. Her journey is transformed into a musical stage visual. A piece of creative music that tells an in-depth testimony of a young female musician. “The Musical” celebrates the triumph, hardships, and barriers broken, by this multi talented individual.

Courtnee Roze The Musical is a New York City Based percussion driven production. The musicians perform on a variety of instruments including congas, djembe, drums, bass, keyboard, strings, woodwinds, brass, taps. The band features and rotates a collective of musicians. The band has been described as one of the most innovative, influential, and intriguing acts of their generation. Also, the youngest and fastest growing stage visual in New York City. Their music is a collective of Funk, Fusion, Afro beat, Soul, House, world music, Live Dance creations and Heavy Percussion creates the sound that compliments the entire piece of work. People are often filled with astonishment by the bands diversity and power to memorize an audience of different age groups/all walks of life.

Introducing the performance across the world to various venues is the mission. Bringing a percussion driven unit to the forefront would create a culture of its own. Drums/ Percussion are the heart beat of music. Therefore, the movement carries along a pleasing effect. The music captures the ears of individuals that wouldn’t normally get together on a day-to-day bases. The world has hip hop, pop, r&b, jazz, but when you place drums and percussion as the driving force; we’ll have an enormous culture of freedom.

Courtnee Roze has worked and performed with J. Cole (Billboard Album & Radio hit “Crooked Smile” 2013), Tom Brady, Tony Award winner Lachanze (The Color Purple), Cirque Du Soliel (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) and Alicia Keys. Her most recent performances in New York City were Carnegie Hall, United Nations (Ambassadors of Africa/ Magazine and Television), Joe’s Pub (The Musical), Apollo Theater’s Main Stage and Café, The Barclays Center (Brooklyn Nets), and Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks), SiriusXM (The Maggie Linton Radio Show. Other appearances include BET Network’s Music Matters and For Colored Girls, a stage production directed by the award-winning Mel Williams.

The Musical’s album will debut this Winter 2015

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